Things you should know before you buy a new domain name!

1. Do not be charmed by the beauty of the domain name. Make sure if the domain you are looking for was registered previously. Check the backlink profile of the domain and see if it has spammy looking backlinks. Spammy backlinks are exact match anchor texts most of the time. But some domains may be penalized, even when they show no backlinks at all. So be very careful and try to check the cache for that domain.

2. Regarding the above tip, sometimes previously registered but recently expired domains are real gems. They may have golden value backlinks and super high authority. I will explain how to find quality expired domains and how to register them in a later post. So keep watching.

3. See if the domain name you are searching for has some search potential. Generic domains are impossible to find these days, but there is a chance you can find two-word domains. Try to register domain names shorter than fifteen characters. Longer and exact match domains may sometimes look spammy in the eyes of Google.

4. Exact match domains are not as powerful as they used to be, but they still have some power in smaller and low search volume niches.

5. Most people forget to renew their domains. Always keep track of your domains in a spreadsheet. This will provide you to monitor the expiration dates of your domains so you may not fall into the trap of forgetting to renew your domain.